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online banking
Login page


This fictitious project consists in designing a login page for a bank's website. Customers want to be able to check the status of their loan directly on the website instead of having to physically go to the branch.

The problem

Money plays an important role in everyone's life. The banker is the person people trust and the relationship and trust they have with their bank advisor is highly valued. Nowadays, people have less time to travel to the bank to deposit documents, even making an appointment requires blocking out at least an hour of the day.

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Frame 30.png

A smooth, easy and intuitive login process will allow customers to view their loan status and update their personal details anytime and anywhere they want.

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For what?

The administrative process of setting up bank loans takes a lot of time, despite the fact that the client/advisor relationship is important. The process could be simplified and does not require automatic appointment booking in the agency.


Allowing clients to submit their documents online would allow advisors to work more efficiently with their clients without wasting time on appointments.

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gradually offer the use of digital tools (important during a pandemic period)

Group 21.png

arouse the interest of new generations for digital tools

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limit customer frustration when waiting at the branch


38%of people stop using a website if it is not intuitive.

- simplicity

70% of online traffic comes from mobile devices

- a site that adapts to all screens

People are careful with their money, they may need advice

- still offer a quick and easy way to reach an advisor

The most visited websites and their login pages
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Bank login page
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User interviews

I spoke to a few people between the ages of 20 and 24 who are either students or employees.

I asked them questions:

  • do they go to a bank branch to provide papers?

  • do they use their bank's websites?

  • do they feel comfortable using bank sites?

  • would they trust to check the status of their loans on their bank's website?

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pc 1.png
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people would rather check their loan status online

it takes too long for people to go to the bank and wait for a simple procedure

the younger people trust their bank to secure their online platform

“It is just not worth it for me to drive to the bank, wait in line and be told that my loan hasn’t been accepted yet because they need one last paper that I left home.”
- a banking app user

...all digital products should have a positive impact on digital wellness, facilitating the users’ daily life activities through mindfull design...

Concept design

Jacob's Law: user spend most of their time on other website. They prefer our website to work the same as the other ones he uses.
Leverage of existing mental models facilitates the learning curve.

User flow: easy, simple, straightforward and fast

Group 12.png
Group 23.png

High fidelity prototype

Group 24.png

Mobile version

X - 1 1.png
For what?

Discovery research has proven that most of internet usage happens on mobile. It is therefore important to have a web mobile version.

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Ideal outcomes

Group 25.png

It makes bank clerks’ day less repetitive and more engaging not to have to deal with repetitive procedures

Group 26.png

help users achieve their goal quicker and effortlessly so they can move on with their day

Group 27.png

Creates an online place where all the documents are stored and safe

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