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Moi Etc - Website redesign and WIX Development


"Moi Etc" is a music band from Tarn, France that performs as a duo or solo at events or private concerts.

In a process of modernizing and reorganizing the content of their website, I was responsible for conducting a UX audit, UX/UI research, and optimization recommendations before starting the redesign project.


UX/UI Designer - WIX Development

SEO, content optimization, architecture information, logo design, etc.

The problem

A website is the face of a project or a business. Our client wanted a redesign of his website so that it better corresponds to the creative vision he wishes to convey through his website. The ultimate goal is to increase the visibility of the website, improve the user experience, and highlight the services offered by the band.

Starting point

At the beginning of the project, it was agreed that we would keep the color palette currently present on the website. The client was recommended to review their information architecture to facilitate information search as much as possible.

Before starting, I asked myself several questions:

  • Who will be the users of the website?

  • What do other artists/music bands do?

  • What are the current issues with the site?

  • Why would a fan or potential client visit the website rather than social media?


To improve the website, it was important to search for reasons why fans or event organizers might visit a website instead of social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram.


Exclusive content not available on social media, such as concert videos or interviews, is offered by music groups.


Faster updates on upcoming concerts and future projects can be provided.


A specific navigation allows anyone to quickly find precise information about the group.


A quick and professional contact with managers or labels can be offered.


References and information about previous collaborations, partners, or events can be provided, which can help event organizers assess the quality and reliability of the group.

Who are the users?

Based on our preliminary research and discussions with the client, we have defined two personas for whom we will try to solve their problems.

The client's initial goal was to target only event organizers, but after our discussion, I shared with him the benefits of focusing on a general user experience for all types of visitors. Indeed, our preliminary research has shown that even fans could be led to visit the website rather than social media platforms.



Name: Jean

Age: 43 ans

Job: responsable évènementiel

Jean is an event coordinator at a concert hall in Toulouse. Jean searches for trendy music groups on social media and usually contacts them through their websites because he finds all the information he needs in one place.

Name: Anaïs

Age: 37 ans

Job: artiste potière

Anaïs enjoys keeping up with new music releases in her area and loves to attend concerts every Friday night. When she supports artists, she does it wholeheartedly, but she doesn't have time to search for dates in old Instagram posts. She likes to be able to easily find out about upcoming concert dates.

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Information Architecture

Firstly, there was a discussion with the client about what they wanted to offer on their website. Before the redesign, the site's navigation was limited to a single page on which all sections were listed one after the other.

The information architecture was designed to provide a logical and intuitive distribution of content, providing visitors with all the important information about the group and their projects in a clear and easily accessible way."

IA v1.png
First design

A high-fidelity prototype was created and presented to the client before moving on to the Wix development phase. This initial version takes into account the information architecture presented above.

Version 1 prototype.png
Feedback et design updates

After discussions with the client and some user testing, we realized that the information architecture needed to be modified. As a result, the screens have changed somewhat.

"A struggled to find the videos" - a tester

It was decided to remove the 'Presse' tab, as it did not really offer any additional information since we already had a 'Press Coverage' section on the homepage. We also decided to organize the dates and concerts by year (2022 and 2023) to make it simple for visitors to find upcoming events.

The "nouveau clip" tab as been deleted but the visitors can still find it more intuitively in the video section, as well as through a CTA on the homepage.

IA version 1 explained.png
IA version 2 update.png

A Spotify player was added so that visitors can have a preview of the single before clicking on external links.

A press coverage carousel was added to replace the old design. This way, visitors can read all press coverage on the same page.

Style sheet
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